About LRP

Longhorn Ranch Properties is located in northwest Texas. Our home office is in Graham, Texas, the county seat, which is known by many as one of the “gateway cities to the West.” Our full service real estate firm enjoys getting to know the landowners in this part of Texas. We devote our efforts to becoming familiar with the nuances of the many different areas of this part of Texas, diverse in topography as well as value for rural land. When we put buyers and sellers together our firm wants to make sure each party is comfortable with and understands where the market value for that property currently stands. That approach allows Longhorn Ranch Properties to make recommendations to clients that we are comfortable with.

Many of our clients come from the larger metropolitan areas in this part of Texas. Those areas include but are not limited to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Lubbock and Abilene. Each client has a unique motivation for purchasing land:

  • Find a place to escape the city
  • farmer/rancher looking for land to expand its business
  • avid hunter seeking that perfect hunting ranch

Our firm will spend the time to understand your needs and identify those properties that you like. Longhorn Ranch Properties is committed to putting buyers and sellers together in a transaction that is fair to both parties.

Buyers are no longer totally dependent on the real estate professional to give them a feel for the market and select properties:

  • Buyers are much more informed on pricing trends and what is currently on the market.
  • They have generally done a fair amount of research before they ever contact a real estate professional.
  • Longhorn Ranch Properties understands the need to leverage technology and stay in the forefront of technological change.

Our firm has the resources and the motivation to make sure the landowners property reaches all potential buyers. When a buyer contacts our firm, we can screen that buyers’ list of criteria and show them only those properties that fit their needs.

The owner/broker at Longhorn Ranch Properties spent over 30 years in the investment business, both raising equity capital for small and mid-size businesses as well as advising institutional investors on equity investments. Our firm understands the “value approach” to investing. Although many buyers are making their purchase for many reasons other than the investment decision, no one wants to overpay or sell too low. That’s where our firm comes in. There is no “blue book” for land. On a daily basis our firm is talking to buyers and sellers and making sure our recommendations reflect the current market trends.

Let Longhorn Ranch Properties put our knowledge of the land market and current trends to work for you. We look forward to visiting with you soon!!